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We offer you the following

Solar Roof Top Solutions


  • Grid Connected
  • Off-Grid 
  • Hybrid
  • Zero Export

Solar Products


  • Integrated All-in-One Solar Street Lights
  • Street Lamp mounted Solar Power Generating Plants
  • Solar Water Heaters

Lighting solutions

LED lighting

We offer you customized Lighting Solutions for Industrial and Residential requirements and guarantee 60% Energy Saving without compromising on the LUX levels

Energy Efficiency Products


  • Heat Pump based Water Heating Systems
  • Air Conditioning Energy Savers
  • Air Curtains

Water Treatment and Waste Water Treatment


  • Monopole Magnetic Water Conditioners
  • Grey Water Treatment Plants
  • Energy and Water Efficient RO Water Purifiers

Industrial Gas Sensors


Gas Sensors from  MSR, Germany for 

  • CO
  • CO2
  • H2
  • NH4 and hundreds of other gases

Solar Roof Top Solutions

We offer you

Solar Roof Top
Grid Connected
Net Metering

  • Grid Connected Roof Top Solutions
  • Battery Less Zero Export Solar Solutions 
  • Hybrid and Off-Grid Solar Solutions with Batteries 

We Design, Install and Commission Solar Power Generation Plants for the following sectors:

  • Residential Bungalows
  • Housing Societies
  • Commercial Buildings 
  • Industrial Buildings

We are present in Nashik, Pune, Mumbai and Aurangabad

Join the Green Initiative

Solar Installation

Install Grid Connected Roof Top Solar Power Plants and generate free Energy for your own use and feed excess into the Grid.

Module Cleaning

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Price List for Cleaning Equipments and Accessories


Please contact us for larger capacity plants

Solar Products

Integrated All-in-One Solar Panel Light

Solar Street Light -
Integrated Solar 

Product Features:

  • Automatic dusk to dawn / 6hr / 4hr operation after sunset
  • LED dimming after 6hr / 4hr operation after sunset
  • Solar panel dirty indication
  • Battery overcharge/deep discharge protection
  • Battery and solar panel reverse polarity connection protection
  • Available from 9W to 25W

Street Light Mounted Solar Generation Plant

Solar Steet Light -Grid Connected

Convert your Street Light Pole into a Energy Generation Plant!!

Industrial and Residential Lighting Solutions

Industrial and Residential LED Lighting

LED Tubelights,
LED Flood Lights
Energy Saving

Customised LED Lighting solutions without compromising Lux levels 

Save upto 60% on your lighting bills

Tubular Skylights

SolaTube, Daylighting pipes, Tubular Skylights


Solatube is worldwide market leader in natural lighting (daylighting) systems. 

Solatube “Tubular Skylights” provide natural lighting by reflecting sunlight from a rooftop, through a highly reflective tube into interior space through stylish diffusers to provide free light from the sun during all day light hours.

Using daylighting reduces electrical demand, energy costs and dependence on grid, while improving the quality of light and pleasantness of interior space 

Energy Efficiency Products

Energy Efficient Heat Pump based Water Heating

Heat Pump,
Water Heating


  • Residential Segment
  • Commercial 
  • Industrial applications like Boiler Pre-Heating, LPG Vaporisation etc.
  • Swimming Pool Heating

Save upto 70% on Electrical Energy and 50% on Gas/Fuel 


Salient Features:

  • Very Compact : Requires Less than 5% of space required by Solar Water Heating system 
  • Very Efficient: Consumes only 30% of Electricity compared to Electrical Geysers 
  • Very Convenient:  Generates and Stores water at 60 Deg C. As water gets used, the system  adds hot Water in the storage tank (unlike Solar Water Heating System  which adds cold water in the Hot Water tank). By this, you get Hot water  @ 60Deg C any time of the day and in any weather condition (even when  there is NO ELECTRICITY) 
  • Cost Effective: Most  cost effective method of heating water : 5-10 paise per litre compared  to 40-45 paise per litre by Electrical Geysers and 18-20 paise per litre  using Gas Geysers. 
  • Wide Range: Available in sizes from 200 Litres to 40,000 Litres

Air Conditioner Energy Savers

Air Conditioning Energy Saver

Save upto 25% of your Air Conditioning Energy Bills with our Air Conditioning Energy Savers.

Industrial Air Curtains

Air Curtains

Industrial Air Curtains from Euronics   maintain an environmental seperation with a light flow of air , that not only results in lowered energy costs but also helps in preventing air borne contaminants &  deterring flying insects from moving from open space to another, thus , enhancing  sanitation &  hygiene.


Entrance of Industries, Factories, Offices, Malls, Hospitals & other commercial places.


Helps maintain:

  • Heating Levels
  • Refrigeration
  • Air Conditioning
  • Clean Atmosphere
  • Comfort

Water Treatment and Waste Water Treatment Solutions

Magnetic Water Conditioners


Clamp-on type Monopole Magnetic Water Conditioner will:

  • Convert Hard Water to Soft Water
  • Stabilize the pH of the Water
  • Kill bacteria and reduce Algae

Available for pipe diameters from 0.5" upto 39" and is easy to install

Grey Water Treatment Plants

Grey Water Treatment

  • Save up to 40% fresh water by reusing treated Greywater for toilet flushing and gardening.
  • Greywater is a mildly polluted domestic wastewater that is primarily generated during activities such as bathing and washing clothes, dishwashing and kitchen. Greywater constitutes 50% of Domestic Waste Water.
  • Composition of Greywater: Greywater from Bathroom and Basin: Water used in hand washing and bathing generates around 50-60% of total Greywater and is considered to be the least contaminated type of Greywater. Common chemical contaminants include soap, shampoo, hair dye, toothpaste and cleaning products. It also has some faecal contamination (and the associated bacteria and viruses) through body washing.
  • Greywater from Cloth Washing: Water used in cloth washing generates around 25-35% of total greywater. Wastewater from the cloth washing varies in quality from wash water to rinse water to second rinse water. Greywater generated due to cloth washing can have faecal contamination with the associated pathogens and parasites such as bacteria. This wastewater is very low on pathogens and bacteria and largely contains dissolved organic compounds in addition to suspended solids and foam from use of soap. Greywater can be inexpensively and safely filtered, disinfected and reused for certain activities primary of which are gardening and toilet and urinal flushing.
  • Most suitable for Apartment Buildings, Hostels, Hotels and Resorts, Bungalows

Energy and Water Efficient RO Water Purifiers

RO Water Purifier

  • The Aquvio range of RO Water Purifiers which have the following advantages:
  • More than 70% Water recovery compared to existing RO Water Purifiers which have 30% Water Recovery. This means the Aquvio range of RO Water Purifiers have 30% Waste Water generation compared to 70% Waste Water generation from existing RO Water Purifiers
  • 50% Energy Saving compared to existing RO Water Purifiers. The Aquvio range of RO Water Purifiers consume only 84W compared to 160W by existing RO Water Purifier.
  • Available in standard Capacities of 25LPH , 50LPH and 100LPH.
  • Costs only Rs. 0.29 to generate 1 Litre of Water compared to Rs. 0.58 by existing RO Water Purifiers.

Gas Sensors for Industries

Gas Sensors


We offer Gas Sensors from  MSR, Germany for the following Applications:

  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
  • Refrigerant Leak Detection
  • Car Park CO/NOx Monitoring
  • Hazardous Area Gas Monitoring
  • VEFSA Very Early Fire Detection

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